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For the terminology "Bookmark All Tabs" , we can use a better translation for Tamil language.

Instead of "அனைத்து தாவிகளையும் நினைவுக்குறியிடு", the following can be used.

"அனைத்து கீற்றுகளையும் புத்தகக்குறியிடு"
It is the accepted and current translation in Mozilla Firefox.

This can be used in many other terminologies too. For browser "Tabs" ,"கீற்று" seems to be a better word that தாவி/தாவல் .

The instances where it could be updated are:

Close Tab - தாவியை மூடு - Tamil Desktop Terminal – File – Close Tab. Closes the tab.

Detach Tab தாவியைப் பிரி Tamil Desktop Terminal – Tabs – Detach Tab. Detaches the current tab.

Terminal – Tabs - Move tab to the Right.
Terminal – Tabs - Move tab to the Left.
Firefox – File – New Tab. Opens a new browser tab in the current Firefox window.
Terminal – Tab - Next Tab. Go to the next tab.
Terminal – Tab - Previous Tab. Go to the Previous tab.


Thanks for providing detailed feedback. We can add this as suggestion until it is reviewed or feedback by other people. As Fuel Web Review for Tamil is pending [1], so it is updated after Review workshop. We are providing a common platform to share localized terms, but you are the people to decide which one is more accurate for your language, so feel free to provide suggestion and you can help to arrange Review Workshop for whole Tamil Web module.

[1] http://fuelproject.org/stats/index

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