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#93 Get namebadge template from design-team

Created 7 years ago by rrix
Modified a year ago

We need a template for name badges. Ticket filed: https://fedorahosted.org/design-team/ticket/174

Accepting ticket since the design-team ticket is filed by me.

I can provide the input material needed for this. I suggested the following to ianweller yesterday as a CSV input format:

  • Optional FAS username
  • Optional real name
  • Optional comment
  • Optional shirt size
  • Optional veg mark (V or VV)

ianweller agreed yesterday to do this, and he should pick up the design ticket at the link above.

Namebadge template created. Badges are printed and done. Woot!

SVG template for 3x4" badges

CSV input file for badge script

Python script to make badges

Milestone Tempe 2011: Day before start deleted

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