#658 Petty cash reimbursement for FAD APAC for Heherson
Closed: Fixed None Opened 7 years ago by izhar.

Attached are receipts from FAD APAC, these amounts are to be reimbursed to heherson as we were using his petty cash.

Total reimbursement is 224.45SGD

also included is the lunch receipt for day 2

Total amount charged directly to card are:

  • pizza for day 2 lunch : 66 SGD
  • dinner for day 2 : 202.09 SGD

Total: 268.09

USD 172.04 have just been transferred to your account for reimbursement of FUDCON ticket #658. (Reimbursement: USD 165.43, Transaction Fee: USD 6.61, Transfer Calculation: TXAMT=AMT*1.04). Thanks for your contribution to Fedora Project!

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