#644 Funding request for tuanta to FAD APAC Singapore 2015
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Please set the "Component" below to the correct event for your request.

Tell us the following:

  • What do you need covered? (Please estimate the costs in USD: hotel $X, travel $Y.)

Flight: $300

(accommodation and food would be covered by event owner separately: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAD_Singapore_2015#Event_Budget)

  • If we cannot provide a full subsidy, will a partial subsidy be helpful? (Yes/No?)


  • If Yes, specify the minimum amount you need covered to facilitate your attendance.

  • What will you accomplish by being at FUDCon? (Please be as specific as possible, since this is the most important factor in granting requests.)

This is a FAD for planning budget for FY2017 for APAC region. As the regional treasurer, I will work with other regional/country leaders to make that plan.

  • If you are requesting airfare, include complete flight information such as flight numbers, desired departure and arrival airports, and times. Also let us know if you have specific time restrictions.

Flight: VN661
Depart: Hanoi (HAN)
departure: 10:45 Fri, 04 Dec
Arrive: Singapore (SIN)
arrival: 15:05 Fri, 04 Dec

Flight: VN660
Depart: Singapore (SIN)
departure: 16:05 Mon, 07 Dec
Arrive: Hanoi (HAN)
arrival: 18:20 Mon, 07 Dec

  • Do you need a visa or other official processing before you can attend FUDCon? If so, approximately how long does that processing take?


  • Include any additional, relevant information.

flight ticket bought and paid for

My name is displayed wrong in the ticket.

Just call to VNA support in Hanoi, they said that they can not find my ticket by confirmation code I provided in the ticket. They suggest me to ask the person who did booking for more information.

Could you please ask CheapOAir (that's website you used, right?) for more information.

Accommodation needs to be reserved by FAD organizers.

Replying to [comment:5 tuanta]:

My name is displayed wrong in the ticket.

Thanks Izhar. My name on the new eTicket is fine now.

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