#319 Funding request
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I want to go to Fudcon because I want to learn how a FUDCon works. We
want to organize FUDCon in Nicaragua next year, and I will actively
collaborate with the organization. So any first hand experience will
be beneficial.

Going further I want to collaborate with Fedora in he design team. I
can pitch in with a talk sharing my knowledge in Inkscape. Right now I
am starting to play with sozi (a presentation plugging for Inkscape),
so I can talk about that a little too.

I need sponsorship for air fare about $1,282 plus hotel about $40 each
night, which will add up around $1,442
Partial subside will not help, sorry about that.

I am flexible about travel itinerary.

I do need Visa and I require a letter of invitation to request visa.
The time for process a visa is about 8 working days.

Plan B for transport: Bus from Managua to Panama. Flight from Panamá to Caracas. Ride from Caracas to Valencia. New Cost: USD 792

I am cleaning up the track. if necessary please reopen.

Best Regards!

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