#313 Funding request for Alejandro Moncada Pastran
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Tell us the following:

  • What do you need covered? (Please estimate the costs in USD: hotel $X, travel $Y)
    Hotel $ 250 USD
    Travel $ 600 USD

  • If we cannot provide a full subsidy, will a partial subsidy be helpful?

  • If Yes, specify the minimum amount you need covered to facilitate your attendance.

  • What will you accomplish by being at FUDCon? (Please be as specific as possible, since this is the most important factor in granting requests.)

  • Participate in the barcamp the topic is, realization of an idea following 4 foundations
  • Integrate the Colombian Comunity with Latam

  • If you are requesting airfare, include complete flight information such as flight numbers, desired departure and arrival airports, and times. Also let us know if you have specific time restrictions.

  • Do you need a visa or other official processing before you can attend FUDCon? If so, approximately how long does that processing take?
    15 days

  • Include any additional, relevant information

The committe of FUDCon need more information how you will support or participate in the FUDCon , talks , workshops, where you will be the presenter.

The main idea is to present an introductory guide to building software, implementing 4 foundations, this presentation will seek to involve more people and ideas to produce a guide. this guide covers many more aspects of software development, such as graphic production, or ideas production.

This result may be used in conferences related to the call for new contributors.

I am cleaning up the track. if necessary please reopen.

Best Regards!

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