#300 Travel subside to Fudcon Valencia 2012 for Neville Cross (yn1v)
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  • What do you need covered?
    Plain Ticket and Hotel
    Plain Ticket USD $1,346
    Hotel: has not been selected by organizer. I will update my ticket

  • If we cannot provide a full subsidy, will a partial subsidy be helpful?

  • If Yes, specify the minimum amount you need covered to facilitate your attendance.

  • What will you accomplish by being at FUDCon?
    Project Icaro (Educational Robotic) needs documentation, software testing, debugging and packaging. I will help on this hacking fest. https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Hacking_Robotic_Valencia_2012

  • Complete flight information:

Wed, Aug 22
Copa Airlines 710
Depart 7:31 AM Managua , Nicaragua (MGA)
Arrive 10:06 AM Panama City , Panama (PTY)
Copa Airlines 251
Depart 11:48 AM Panama City , Panama (PTY)
Arrive 2:34 PM Valencia , Venezuela (VLN)

Mon, Aug 27
Copa Airlines 250
Depart 3:45 PM Valencia , Venezuela (VLN)
Arrive 5:26 PM Panama City , Panama (PTY)
Copa Airlines 711
Depart 6:56 PM Panama City , Panama (PTY)
Arrive 7:36 PM Managua , Nicaragua (MGA)


I do require visa. It takes about 8 days to process and I do need an invitation letter to request visa.

Plan B for transport:
Bus from Managua to Panama. Flight from Panamá to Caracas. Ride from Caracas to Valencia.
New Cost: USD 792

I will not be able to travel, please close my ticket and revert the subsidy granted.

I am cleaning up the track, Can we close this ticket ?

I am cleaning up the track. if necessary please reopen.

Best Regards!

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