#26 Estimate breakfast cost scenarios.
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Need to estimate costs for light breakfasts on-site at FUDCon. Will estimate for ~150 people, including coffee / food. Will assume mimosas are out of the question. :D

Proposed round budget for breakfast: $527, including sales tax. This is from ASU Catering, "Simple Takeaways," which means we would PICK UP THE FOOD ourselves.

I'd like to suggest rounding up a bit just for our own ease of mind. There is a new menu coming out in late September for ASU Catering, which should not reflect terribly higher prices, but who knows. Also, Collen from ASU said she would be happy to take a look at these numbers (since she's more versed in catering than I am) and sanity check them. I'll be sending this her way this week.

Price does not include cost of sodas. We can provide our own sodas and bottled water (ONLY), and I'd like to suggest that we just have a separate budget for that altogether - we'll likely need them in the hotel, perhaps for lunches, other times, not just for breakfast.

8 Dozen Bagels + Cream Cheese (15.99/dozen): $127.92 - 96 servings
5 dozen danishes (8.99/dozen): $44.95 - 60 servings
4 loaves breakfast bread (6.99/loaf, 12ish slices/loaf): $27.96 - 48 servings
5 dozen muffins (6.99/dozen): $34.95 - 60 servings
5 Trays seasonal fruit ("serves 10" - $19.99/tray) - $99.95
Total: $335.73
7 Gallons coffee (1 gallon = 20 6oz servings, 14.39/gallon): 100.73
1 gallon hot tea "selection": $13.59
2 gallons orange juice (10.39/gallon): $20.78
2 gallons iced tea (6.39/gallon): $12.78
Total: $147.88

Note that coffee/hot tea is served in thermal containers that supposedly keep drinks warm for 6 hours.

In case of raptor/bus situtation:

Coleen Ellsworth - ASU Catering

This ticket is done. The actual act of putting in an order we'll track against the food milestone.

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