#205 Funding request for Zoltan Hoppar and Gergely Rakosi
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Please set the "Component" below to the correct event for your request.

Tell us the following:

  • What do you need covered? (Please estimate the costs in USD: hotel $X, travel $Y)
  • If we cannot provide a full subsidy, will a partial subsidy be helpful? (Yes, at least car fuel costs or room would be helpful. We have already booked a room for us, in Hotel Perugino.)
  • If Yes, specify the minimum amount you need covered to facilitate your attendance (cca total 250-300 USD).
  • What will you accomplish by being at FUDCon? (We think that marketing tools still necessary. We will create an general Quick Start booklet with scribus for newcomers, and we try to create/design more marketing leaflets, t-shirt templates, and tools for our ambassadors, and missing ones for our HU users. We also would like to talk about necessary swags, and swag creating/hosting/sharing points - and about the swag wrangler, swag inventory development possibilities.)
  • If you are requesting airfare, include complete flight information such as flight numbers, desired departure and arrival airports, and times. Also let us know if you have specific time restrictions (No, we would like to arrive by car - maybe some parking place information could be useful.).
  • Do you need a visa or other official processing before you can attend FUDCon? If so, approximately how long does that processing take? (No, not needed.)
  • Include any additional, relevant information.

Sorry, I have somehow left out the first line.

What do you need covered? (Estimated costs in USD for 2 persons: travel $250-300)


This ticket was approved in the August 16th subsidy meeting. We will reserve two hotel beds for you, as well as reimburse you for up to 150 Euros worth of fuel. Please note that the hotel rooms are based on double occupancy, so we're planning on you sharing a room.

Did we pay for hotel for these persons?

Hotel room was subsidized. Ticket can be closed.

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