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I think it would be a great experience to participate this event and I would be very pleased about your help.

  • From a quick look, I don't know if Joerg's estimation of about 1000 USD sponsoring/funding still is up-to-date.
  • A flight with a trustworthy airline to Mumbai (and retoure) is around 850 EUR (~ 1225 USD) at the moment; price might increase if we get closer.
  • A direct flight to Pune is unrealistic as it is from +250 EUR up to +650 EUR on top to the flight costs to Mumbai - and even causes limitations due to less frequent flights.
  • I have no idea about the hotel room/accommodation costs, but Joerg should have experiences here.
  • Joerg and I could also share a hotel room, if that helps somehow (and if Joerg still can sleep if I snore).
  • I have proposed one talk so far, but I'm thinking about adding another one. I'm also open for suggestions given that I'm active at packaging, ambassadors and mentoring.
  • It would be really a pleasure to me if I can share my experience of the previously mentioned projects and teams with other Fedora contributors.
  • I need to get passport, which should take up to 4-6 weeks according to the website.
  • I also need to get a visa, that should take up to 1-2 weeks according to the website.
  • Did I forget something? Hopefully not, but if so, please let me know and just ask...

I would be helpful to get a soon reply, similar like at Joerg, because I have to deal with my employer regarding vacation, flights won't get cheaper if we wait longer and passport/visa also need time till they're done.

Ah, the flight costs are for an economy, non-rebookable, non-transferable and non-refundable flight. Such "features" increase the pricing drastically. Making a flight rebookable is between +50 EUR and +100 EUR.

This ticket was approved in the August 5th subsidy meeting. We've agreed to pay up to $1000 USD for travel fare, as well as four nights in the hotel.

I purchased the airline ticket today, and have emailed Robert with the information. I will also attach the flight information to this ticket.

Sent a mail regarding VISA details on September 1st and contact details on September 11th.

The applicant has been in touch with queries regarding local contact details.

Copied from #206 into the correct ticket (this one): 09/19/11 12:13:08 changed by sundaram

We will send a invitation letter from RHSS Pune for the conference. The following information is required.

  1. Name as on Passport. 2. Passport number 3. Country where the Passport is issued from 4. Passport Issue Date 5. Passport Expiry date 6. Nationality of the person coming. 7. Person working for which company. 8. Designation

If you don't want this information to be publicly visible, free free to email me instead. Thank you

Invitation letter sent now

I was remembered to attach my boarding pass/receipt of the flight. With which GnuPG key can I encrypt it before uploading?

My boarding passes are attached as remembered by Satya's e-mail. The flight ticket payment was performed via a Red Hat credit card, so I don't need any reimbursement. Anything else, where I could help to get this closed?

Closing, since this got paid.

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