#179 Funding Request - Hiemanshu Sharma
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Please set the "Component" below to the correct event for your request.

Tell us the following:

  • What do you need covered? (Please estimate the costs in USD: hotel $X, travel $Y)

Travel and hotel, Travel is about INR. 4500 ~105USD

  • If we cannot provide a full subsidy, will a partial subsidy be helpful? (Yes/No)


  • If Yes, specify the minimum amount you need covered to facilitate your attendance.

Atleast the hotel costs.

  • What will you accomplish by being at FUDCon? (Please be as specific as possible, since this is the most important factor in granting requests.)

I am going to help in organizing the FUDCon, and volunteer for the rest of the tasks there. I will also give a talk on Qt using C++/Python and help with the hackfests.

  • If you are requesting airfare, include complete flight information such as flight numbers, desired departure and arrival airports, and times. Also let us know if you have specific time restrictions.

Any flight is fine by me. Arriving maybe on the 2nd/3rd Nov, and departing on 7/8th Nov. I can also arrive earlier if needed.

  • Do you need a visa or other official processing before you can attend FUDCon? If so, approximately how long does that processing take?


  • Include any additional, relevant information.

This ticket was approved in the August 5th subsidy meeting. We've agreed to pay up to $105 USD for travel fare, as well as four nights in the hotel.

Please note that since you haven't marked yourself as sharing a room on the wiki, you'll need to either pay for half of the room cost out of your own pocket, or agree to share a room with someone else.

Hiemanshu has confirmed on IRC that he won't be able to attend. Closing

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