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FUDCon Panama booklet will be available in English, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese. Translations will be based on FUDCon Tempe booklet.

Additional information about hackfests will be written and the FLP will provide a welcome message.

Potty have translation of Tempe booklet, we need to add the hackfest information, and get the English and Spanish Version.

A draft of the hackfest information in English and Portuguese can be found here:

Feedback and additional information is welcome!

Any news on the space available for expanding the hackfes description?

More useful information about hackfests were added to the text.
The updated text is available in the same link as above.

I finished with design of booklet, but I would like to ask somebody to help me on translating it
The link of the svg sources is [http://xhaksx.fedorapeople.org/portfolio/fudcon-panama-booklet-sources/], I'll upload the png images soon.

aeperezt will need to be repaid for this AT FUDCon in cash as he is paying for it himself beforehand. Approximate cost is $350.

What date do we need to have the booklet content by to get it printed in time for FUDCon?

Adding to this week's meeting agenda to discuss status.

We have all information and to have printed on time we need two days, as we agreed with the company that will do that, so I will be send to print tomorrow.

Booklets have been ordered. aeperezt is picking them up saturday.

aeperezt to update this ticket after he has picked them up, and add the receipt to this ticket.

Booklets were printed, and they look great!

What was the final cost?

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