IPA Server

  What is it?

  For efficiency, compliance and risk mitigation, organizations need to
  centrally manage and correlate vital security information including:

    * Identity (machine, user, virtual machines, groups, authentication
    * Policy (configuration settings, access control information)
    * Audit (events, logs, analysis thereof) 

  Since these are not new problems. there exist many approaches and
  products focused on addressing them. However, these tend to have the
  following weaknesses:

    * Focus on solving identity management across the enterprise has meant
      less focus on policy and audit.
    * Vendor focus on Web identity management problems has meant less well
      developed solutions for central management of the Linux and Unix
      world's vital security info. Organizations are forced to maintain
      a hodgepodge of internal and proprietary solutions at high TCO.
    * Proprietary security products don't easily provide access to the
      vital security information they collect or manage. This makes it
      difficult to synchronize and analyze effectively. 

  The Latest Version

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  The most up-to-date documentation can be found at

  Quick Start

  To get started quickly, start here:


  Please see the file called COPYING.


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