#9313 Nightly test failure (rawhide): automember-rebuild test
Closed: fixed a year ago by frenaud. Opened a year ago by frenaud.


The test automember is failing in rawhide with 389-ds update to 2.3.2. See PR #2394 with the following report and logs.

The failure is caused by a change in 389-ds automember rebuild task.
When autounmembership feature is disabled and the admin creates a fixup task, the previous members are not cleaned up by default. The task needs an additional argument "cleanup: yes" to perform the cleanup.

For more info refer to the issue description in 389ds#5547 and the commit 14943d5

The test code needs to be modified in accordance to the new behavior: it needs to create an automember-rebuild task with the "cleanup: yes" attribute.

Older revisions of 389-ds do not understand the new "cleanup" attribute but they simply ignore it. Hence, no need to check 389-ds version before creation of the task, it should work in all the cases.

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  • 5dba2aa ipatests: adapt for new automembership fixup behavior


  • 34d048e ipatests: adapt for new automembership fixup behavior

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