#9279 ipa-otpd@.service: deprecated syslog setting
Closed: fixed 2 years ago by frenaud. Opened 2 years ago by carbenium.


The syslog contains following message when starting ipa-otpd:

/usr/lib/systemd/system/ipa-otpd@.service:10: Standard output type syslog is obsolete, automatically updating to journal. Please update your unit file, and consider removing the setting altogether.

The warning stems from the usage of StandardError=syslog in the service file. See https://github.com/freeipa/freeipa/blob/a7b58b3c07576cbea21b4528b9d703a63ebc78b2/daemons/ipa-otpd/ipa-otpd%40.service.in#L10

According to https://github.com/systemd/systemd/pull/15812 this setting is obsolete and should be replaced with StandardError=journal.



@carbenium thank you for the report. Do you have time to fix this yourself?

Thanks @sumenon for the PR! Looks good to me.


  • b0ba520 Fixes: ipa-otpd@.service: deprecated syslog setting


  • 05bba99 Fixes: ipa-otpd@.service: deprecated syslog setting


  • 65a14a3 Fixes: ipa-otpd@.service: deprecated syslog setting

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2 years ago

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