#9278 Pylint 2.15 issues
Closed: fixed 8 months ago by frenaud. Opened 10 months ago by frenaud.

Currently IPA is using pylint 2.12.2 with astroid 2.9.3 in the azure pipeline running on fedora 36.
The pipeline will migrate to fedora 37 where pylint 2.15.5 + astroid 2.12.12 are available and new errors/warnings are reported, that must be fixed.

See for instance the output of the run in https://dev.azure.com/freeipa/freeipa/_build/results?buildId=11967&view=logs&j=3a559e2a-952e-58d2-b8db-2e604a9266d7&t=017c223e-516c-586d-7b43-20291f2f6230

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- Issue assigned to frenaud

10 months ago


  • 232b5a9 azure tests: move to fedora 37
  • cad0638 pylint: remove unneeded disable=unused-private-member
  • 1206729 pylint: remove useless suppression
  • a9c1c81 pylint: disable redefined-slots-in-subclass
  • 2011d1a pylint: disable used-before-assignment
  • d1f1612 pylint: replace deprecated distutils module
  • be7f0a6 pylint: disable modified-iterating-list
  • 8cd9ddf pylint: remove arguments-renamed warnings
  • d6d8319 pylint: disable using-constant-test
  • 0268857 pylint: disable unnecessary-dunder-call message
  • 18fd448 pylint: globally disable unnecessary-lambda-assignment message
  • 139038c pylint: disable missing-timeout message
  • 2268ef4 pylint: fix implicit-str-concat
  • 8e7e48d pylint: fix duplicate-value
  • 6518855 pylint: fix deprecated-class SafeConfigParser
  • 372a5dc pylint: disable invalid-sequence-index
  • 7915365 pylint: disable unhashable-member
  • 8fad897 pylint: globally disable useless-object-inheritance
  • fdd3dd2 pylint: fix consider-iterating-dictionary
  • 416c210 pylint: disable comparison-of-constants
  • a4102b9 pylint: fix comparison-of-constants
  • fa4b054 pylint: disable deprecated-module message
  • a1a3b90 pylint: Lint in single process mode
  • deaec9b pylint: More allowed C extensions
  • ccdc94b pylint: Replace deprecated extension-pkg-whitelist
  • 4352bd5 pylint: Fix cyclic-import
  • a8dd070 pylint: Replace deprecated pipes
  • 0e03315 pylint: Fix used-before-assignment
  • 24db4dc pylint: Fix modified-iterating-list
  • bf3083c pylint: Fix unnecessary-lambda-assignment
  • c523e85 pylint: Fix unhashable-member
  • b848054 pylint: Fix useless-object-inheritance
  • 691b5d2 pylint: Replace deprecated cgi module


  • 782873a azure tests: move to fedora 37
  • fd21204 pylint: remove unneeded disable=unused-private-member
  • 51e0f75 pylint: remove useless suppression
  • 240b46d pylint: disable redefined-slots-in-subclass
  • 081dd26 pylint: disable used-before-assignment
  • 328fb64 pylint: replace deprecated distutils module
  • ac69ad4 pylint: disable modified-iterating-list
  • 22f182e pylint: remove arguments-renamed warnings
  • 5434c12 pylint: disable using-constant-test
  • 3336236 pylint: disable unnecessary-dunder-call message
  • 2b97c8c pylint: globally disable unnecessary-lambda-assignment message
  • 84c4792 pylint: disable missing-timeout message
  • 71496be pylint: fix implicit-str-concat
  • b9ea3fc pylint: fix duplicate-value
  • 433599f pylint: fix deprecated-class SafeConfigParser
  • a95e11d pylint: disable invalid-sequence-index
  • 0711143 pylint: disable unhashable-member
  • 4e99884 pylint: globally disable useless-object-inheritance
  • 3d211b4 pylint: fix consider-iterating-dictionary
  • 015e25a pylint: disable comparison-of-constants
  • 62e2d11 pylint: fix comparison-of-constants
  • 85037db pylint: disable deprecated-module message
  • d673fda pylint: Lint in single process mode
  • f982269 pylint: More allowed C extensions
  • 68ab438 pylint: Replace deprecated extension-pkg-whitelist
  • c48c76e pylint: Fix cyclic-import
  • 1261bbf pylint: Replace deprecated pipes
  • b123765 pylint: Fix used-before-assignment
  • acc2daf pylint: Fix modified-iterating-list
  • dc8c8a7 pylint: Fix unnecessary-lambda-assignment
  • bd7b5bf pylint: Fix unhashable-member
  • bccd3c9 pylint: Fix useless-object-inheritance
  • 2009889 pylint: Replace deprecated cgi module

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- Issue status updated to: Closed (was: Open)

8 months ago

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