#9004 Can't use --delattr with a date value
Closed: fixed 2 months ago by abbra. Opened 8 months ago by abompard.


I'm trying to delete a date attribute using --delattr on the CLI:

# ipa user-show zachary49 --all --raw | grep krbLastPwdChange
  krbLastPwdChange: 20210413131646Z
# ipa user-mod zachary49 --delattr krbLastPwdChange=20210413131646Z
ipa: ERROR: krblastpwdchange does not contain '20210413131646Z'

This is with IPA 4.8.10.

After some investigation, it looks like the issue is raised at baseldap.py:1060 because the value retrieved from LDAP is a datetime object, and it's trying to find the isoformatted string that I passed as a CLI argument. The LDAP value is converted to LDAP when the old_entry.get() function is called.

I don't know what would be the best way to fix it, either converting the CLI argument to datetime too or not converting the LDAP value.


   $ rpm -q freeipa-server freeipa-client ipa-server ipa-client 389-ds-base pki-ca krb5-server
package ipa-server is not installed
package ipa-client is not installed

This likely affects any parameter class that converts type.

Something like this might work:

except KeyError:
    except ValueError:
         <what it does now>

So try to delete the converted value if it can be determined, otherwise fall back to deleting the raw value.

Another workaround would be to use:

ipa user-mod someuser --setattr krbPasswordExpiration=

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3 months ago

It turned out to be a bit more complex than I thought but it looks like we can use the same mapping routines that convert loaded data to try to remove the data with --delattr, to a point.

PR https://github.com/freeipa/freeipa/pull/6184


  • fe9be8c Convert values using _SYNTAX_MAPPING with --delattr


  • bd8748f Convert values using _SYNTAX_MAPPING with --delattr

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2 months ago

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