#8560 Nightly test failure in test_ipahealthcheck.py::TestIpaHealthCheck::test_ipahealthcheck_ds_encryption
Closed: fixed 5 months ago by rcritten. Opened 5 months ago by frenaud.

The nightly test test_ipahealthcheck.py::TestIpaHealthCheck::test_ipahealthcheck_ds_encryption is failing on the master branch / fedora 32 with the following output:

file /usr/lib/python3.8/site-packages/ipatests/test_integration/test_ipahealthcheck.py, line 1038
      def test_ipahealthcheck_ds_encryption(self, modify_tls):
E       fixture 'modify_tls' not found
>       available fixtures: LineMatcher, _config_for_test, _pytest, _sys_snapshot, cache, capfd, capfdbinary, caplog, capsys, capsysbinary, class_integration_logs, disable_crlgen, doctest_namespace, extra, integration_logs, ipactl, linecomp, metadata, mh, modify_cert_trust_attr, modify_permissions, monkeypatch, move_ipa_ca_crt, pytestconfig, record_property, record_testsuite_property, record_xml_attribute, recwarn, rename_ldif, restart_service, restart_tomcat, tempdir, testdir, tmp_path, tmp_path_factory, tmpdir, tmpdir_factory
>       use 'pytest --fixtures [testpath]' for help on them.


The test is new and the fixture is missing the annotation @pytest.fixture.

Metadata Update from @frenaud:
- Issue tagged with: test-failure, tests

5 months ago

Metadata Update from @frenaud:
- Issue assigned to smenon

5 months ago

Raised a PR to fix this: https://github.com/freeipa/freeipa/pull/5221.
Tests have passed now.
2020-11-02 11:05:16,077 DEBUG =================== 1 passed, 1 warning in 987.15s (0:16:27) ===================
2020-11-02 11:05:18,125 INFO >>>>> TESTS PASSED <<<<<<


  • 43ea80a ipatests: Fix for test_ipahealthcheck_ds_encryption


  • 25eb7c6 ipatests: Fix for test_ipahealthcheck_ds_encryption

Metadata Update from @rcritten:
- Issue close_status updated to: fixed
- Issue status updated to: Closed (was: Open)

5 months ago

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