#8521 Speed up ipa-server-install
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Request for enhancement

ipa-server-install and ipa-replica-install take a considerable time to complete. On a fast server with plenty resources a server installation takes about 5 minutes. On a slower system with less resources installation can take twice as long or even longer.

My experiments have shown that it is possible to speed up installation with a series of small modifications. There are several low hanging fruits. Each change contributes a couple of seconds. Combined I see runtime reduction from roughly 5 minutes down to 3:30 minutes for ipa-server-install.

  • start / restart services less often (DS ~ 4s, Dogtag 11 to 50s)
  • tighten poll/sleep loops with lower sleep intervalls (5s to 0.5s)
  • remove steps or workarounds that are no longer necessary
  • combine steps



  • aa67177 Add helper for poll/sleep loops with timeout
  • b79191f Faster certmonger wait_for_request()
  • 1921d33 Drop unused extended sleep feature from Sleeper

Rob wrote:

Is migrate_profiles_ldap() needed at all then? It's executed as part of the upgrade. Speeding that up would be nice too.

From IRC discussion about LDAP profile migration during upgrade:

18:04 < ftweedal> cheimes: a thought about optimising the certprofile import during upgrade.  Not going to bother 
                  with pseudocode or anything, but we can probably conclude that if *any* profiles are already in 
                  LDAP, then *all* are in LDAP, and short circuit the whole thing.
18:05 < ftweedal> cheimes: on a per-host basis, we could also set the "we did this step" flag so that the skip gets 
                  skipped on future upgrades and we don't have to contact Dogtag at all
18:06 < ftweedal> cheimes: for the "freeipa included profiles" we probably do want to continue managing them in the 
                  current way.
18:06 < ftweedal> or at least, that is something we can look at later - there are only a few of them so it is not as
                  a big an issue


  • 3ab3ed5 Retry chronyc waitsync only once


  • 37a0af6 Remove root-autobind configuration
  • daec804 Remove magic sleep from create_index_task
  • 9eccaf6 Skip offline dse.ldif patching by default


  • 8882680 Dogtag: Remove set_audit_renewal step
  • 942fe07 Spawn PKI: Execute more steps early


  • 731c5b2 Lookup ipa-ca record with NSS


  • 81cf1db Lookup ipa-ca record with NSS


  • a9d34c8 Speed up cainstance.migrate_profiles_to_ldap
  • fa58071 Reuse main LDAP connection

Some numbers from a test installation on 1minutetip m1.large instance (8 GB RAM, 4x Intel Xeon Processor 2.7 GHz)

# rpm -qa freeipa-server
# time ipa-server-install -p Secret123 -a Secret123 -r IPA.EXAMPLE -n ipa.example --no-ntp -U
real    5m12,632s
user    0m31,968s
sys     0m6,665s
# curl http://freeipa-org-pr-ci.s3-website.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com/jobs/a26d8e50-11e0-11eb-b85e-fa163ee3281e/rpms/freeipa-prci.repo > /etc/yum.repos.d/freeipa-prci.repo
# dnf update -y
# rpm -qa freeipa-server
# time ipa-server-install -p Secret123 -a Secret123 -r IPA.EXAMPLE -n ipa.example --no-ntp -U
real    3m20,871s
user    0m29,771s
sys     0m6,821s

On 1MT the installer spends a considerable amount of time waiting on DNS. With ipa-server-install -p Secret123 -a Secret123 -r IPA.EXAMPLE -n ipa.example --no-ntp --no-host-dns --setup-dns --auto-forwarders --no-dnssec-validation -U speedup is down to about 1 minute:

real    4m19,641s
user    0m33,342s
sys     0m6,575s
real    3m18,411s
user    0m28,540s
sys     0m6,327s

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