#8434 Nightly test failure in test_integration/test_installation/TestKRAinstallAfterCertRenew
Opened 5 months ago by mpolovka. Modified 4 days ago


test_KRA_install_after_cert_renew fails with

>           raise AssertionError('TimeOut: Failed to renew all the certs')
E           AssertionError: TimeOut: Failed to renew all the certs


Test report

Similar error observed in [testing_master_testing_selinux] PR 526 : Logs
for test:
- test_KRA_install_after_cert_renew

The failure in recent runs looks different, but related to a wrong assumption in the test. The test moves the date in the future and then checks that all the certs are displayed as MONITORING in getcert list output. This is not sufficient to ensure that they have been renewed: the test also needs to check that the cert serial number is different.

As a consequence, the date is moved further in the future but some certs have not been renewed and pki startup fails (for instance with expired auditSigningCert cert-pki-ca, as we can see in these logs.

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