#8407 Support changelog integrated into main database
Closed: fixed 8 months ago by abbra. Opened 9 months ago by vashirov.

389-ds will integrate changelog into main database:

It also changes the location of the configuration from a single entry cn=changelog5,cn=config to an entry for each backend in cn=changelog,<backend>,cn=ldbm database,cn=plugins,cn=config

With PR#51181 the entry cn=changelog5,cn=config no longer exists, its creation fails with UNWILLING_TO_PERFORM.

This breaks IPA in a few places, in particular:

  • setup_changelog()
    Here the expected failure is err=68, it would be trivial to add err=53. A better way would be to reuse lib389 for setting up changelog, not sure how much refactoring that would involve.

  • update_unhashed_password()
    Since the entry no longer exists, log message would be affected.

  • update scripts
    nsslapd-changelogmaxage now needs to be set for each backend.

There are possibly other places, but this is what came up first by searching for changelog5.

I have a potential fix for these issues, will submit a PR.

Created a new PR to handle both replication changelog locations:



  • 44259e8 Issue 8407 - Support changelog integration into main database


  • 0a83d82 Issue 8407 - Support changelog integration into main database

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8 months ago

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