#8334 Nightly test failure in test_integration/test_replication_layouts.py::TestLineTopologyWithCAKRA::test_line_topology_with_ca_kra
Opened 7 months ago by fcami. Modified 7 months ago

fedora-previous/test_integration/test_replication_layouts.py::TestLineTopologyWithCAKRA::test_line_topology_with_ca_kra failed at teardown in PR 209


>               result.stdout_text, result.stderr_text
E           subprocess.CalledProcessError: Command '['mktemp']' returned non-zero exit status 255.

Now that exit code is fishy: mktemp should only return 0 or 1. 255 might come from ssh instead.

Metadata Update from @fcami:
- Issue tagged with: test-failure

7 months ago

Metadata Update from @fcami:
- Issue tagged with: tests

7 months ago

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