#8312 Fix api.env.in_tree detection logic
Opened 2 years ago by cheimes. Modified 2 years ago


The logic to detect in-tree builds is broken and ipatests/conftest.py has hard-coded in_tree=True. The API should auto-detect in-tree builds and testing based on the presence of files that are only available in source distributions and checkouts.

A good marker would be ipasetup.py.in. The file name is pretty unique and the .in files are never installed in Python's site-package directory.

Metadata Update from @cheimes:
- Custom field on_review adjusted to https://github.com/freeipa/freeipa/pull/4656
- Issue tagged with: bug

2 years ago


  • 13c3997 Fix detection logic for api.env.in_tree
  • 0fa31ef Hard-code in_tree=True for tests


  • 6cd2d44 Fix detection logic for api.env.in_tree
  • 834b04b Hard-code in_tree=True for tests

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