#8244 The help for the --otp flag in "ipa passwd" could be clearer
Closed: fixed a year ago by antorres. Opened 2 years ago by abompard.

As a user, I'd like to know what the --otp flag for the ipa passwd command actually does.


$ ipa passwd --help
Usage: ipa [global-options] passwd USER [options]

Set a user's password.
  -h, --help  show this help message and exit
  --otp       One Time Password

I know that OTP means One Time Password, what i don't know is that I should use this flag to change my password if I have enrolled an OTP token (it could also mean that the flag will change my token, it could mean anything related to the token).
I suggest a help text that would be something like "add this flag if USER has enrolled an OTP token".



The documentation should also mention that current and new password must be just the password without OTP token.

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  • e820e2d ipa passwd: make help for --otp option clearer

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  • 74638ed ipa passwd: make help for --otp option clearer

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