#8234 RFE: Add --ca-cert-file option to ipa-replica-install
Opened 2 months ago by rcritten. Modified 2 months ago

Request for enhancement

As administrator , I want to install a replica into a CA-less cluster without having to pre-install the client first.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. ipa-server-install --http-cert-file= ... --dirsrv-cert-file= ... --ca-cert-file=... ...
  2. ipa-replica-install

Actual behavior

The replica install will fail due to an unknown CA certificate chain.

Expected behavior

Have a --ca-cert-file option in ipa-replica-install


ipa-server-4.6.5 CentOS 7.7

Additional info:

Installation can work if PKCS#12 files are used.

From this thread:

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