#8103 CA-less to CA-ful fails if /etc/ipa/ca.crt does not have DS cert issuer first
Opened 10 months ago by ftweedal. Modified 10 months ago


When moving for CA-less to CA-ful installation, if the issuer of the DS service certificate
is not the first certificate in /etc/ipa/ca.crt, the wrong certificate will be put in the Dogtag
NSSDB. Dogtag will be unable to communicate with the DS and ipa-ca-install will fail.

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Actual behavior

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Expected behavior

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Additional info:

ipaca_default.ini contains directives:

pki_ds_secure_connection_ca_nickname=Directory Server CA certificate

In dogtaginstance.py:PKIIniLoader.__init__, ipa_ca_pem_file is hardcoded:


The installer should inspect the DS service certificate, find the issuer certificate,
write it to a temporary file and set ipa_ca_pem_file to that file, so that the correct
certificate gets installed to the Dogtag NSSDB.

Isn't this effectively a workaround dogtag depending on the ordering of the CA chain?

I think Dogtag's behaviour is OK - after all you only need one trust anchor to talk to DS. So I'd rather modify IPA to supply the one certificate that's actually needed.

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