#8023 [Tracker] Test failure in test_integration/test_topology.py::TestCASpecificRUVs::()::test_replica_uninstall_deletes_ruvs
Opened a year ago by frenaud. Modified 12 days ago

Nightly failure detected in [testing_f29] in the test fedora-29/test_topology_TestCASpecificRUVs, see PR 3442.

The test is failing in test_integration/test_topology.py::TestCASpecificRUVs::()::test_replica_uninstall_deletes_ruvs.

self = <ipatests.test_integration.test_topology.TestCASpecificRUVs object at 0x7fb643ff1ef0>

    def test_replica_uninstall_deletes_ruvs(self):
        master = self.master
        replica = self.replicas[1]
        res1 = master.run_command(['ipa-replica-manage', 'list-ruv', '-p',
        assert(res1.count(replica.hostname) == 2), (
            "Did not find proper number of replica hostname (%s) occurrencies"
            " in the command output: %s" % (replica.hostname, res1))

        master.run_command(['ipa-replica-manage', 'del', replica.hostname,
                            '-p', master.config.dirman_password])
        # ipa-replica-manage del launches a clean-ruv task which is
        # wait for the task to finish before checking list-ruv
        res2 = master.run_command(['ipa-replica-manage', 'list-ruv', '-p',
>       assert(replica.hostname not in res2), (
            "Replica RUVs were not clean during replica uninstallation")
E       AssertionError: Replica RUVs were not clean during replica uninstallation
E       assert 'replica0.ipa.test' not in 'Replica Update V...ipa.test:389: 6\n'
E         'replica0.ipa.test' is contained here:
E           Replica Update Vectors:
E               master.ipa.test:389: 4
E               replica1.ipa.test:389: 3
E               replica0.ipa.test:389: 7
E           Certificate Server Replica Update Vectors:
E               master.ipa.test:389: 6

Test scenario (test_delete_ruvs):
- install master + 2 replicas
- stop ds on replica0
- on replica0 call ipa-replica-manage clean-ruv -f twice (to clear the ruv on CA suffix and on domain suffix)
- check that there is no ruv any more with replica0
- start ds on replica0
Then second test (test_replica_uninstall_deletes_ruvs):
- on master run ipa-replica-manage del replica1
- on replica1 ipa-server-install --uninstall
- on master wait for cleanallruv task to finish
- on master check that list-ruv does not show any more replica1

The test fails at the last step.

Note: the code for wait_for_cleanallruv_tasks looks buggy as it does not return any exception if the function exits on timeout.

The failure seems to happen more frequently, see PR #483

Another failure seen in PR522, logs.

However, it has not been present for some time (approx two months)

389ds error log on the master show ERR - ipa-topology-plugin - ipa_topo_util_cleanruv: failed to create cleanalltuv task, opening a companion issue against 389ds:

Metadata Update from @frenaud:
- Issue tagged with: tracker

2 months ago

Also happened in PR #574 on [testing_master_389ds] = fedora32 with 389ds nightly copr repo.

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