#7971 [RFE] Include hint for replication_wait_timeout if timeout fails
Opened 2 months ago by rcritten. Modified 2 months ago

Request for enhancement

As an administrator trying to install a replica if waiting for the CA admin times out there is no clear indication of what should be done.

A hint for replication_wait_timeout could be added to setup_admin in dogtaginstance.py as well as including a log message with the amount of time that the method will wait.

This would be done by creating /etc/ipa/installer.conf with the contents:


The default is 300 (5 minutes).

Does the timeout actually work? I know of some cases in which a timeout increase does not work. For example to increase service start timeout, it is also necessary to modify the systemd service file to increase the timeout there.

It is just a client-side waiting loop so it should be fine.

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2 months ago

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2 months ago

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