#7968 Move test_command_ipa_not_installed out of test_cli, execute on uninstalled server in CI
Opened a year ago by rcritten. Modified a year ago


The test test_command_ipa_not_installed in ipatests/test_cmdline/test_cli.py is not executed in CI because the iPA server is installed.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. ipa-server-install <options>
  2. pytest-3 -sv ipatests/test_cmdline/test_cli.py

Actual behavior

The ipa_not_installed tests are all SKIPPED

So to run these tests the following needs to happen:

  1. The test case needs to be moved into a separate file that can be executed independently. There are other tests in test_cli.py that require an installed master
  2. Add an invocation of this new file to the Travis CI to be executed last, after ipa-server-install --uninstall -U

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