#7950 https://hub.docker.com/r/freeipa/freeipa-server/tags does not have Fedora 30 image
Opened 4 months ago by adelton. Modified 4 months ago

Request for enhancement

As a contributor to the FreeIPA containerization effort (freeipa-container), I want to test images based on the latest released Fedora, without necessarily building from sources, so that I know that we are providing our users with something that works even when built by Docker hub.


There is no fedora-30 image tag at https://hub.docker.com/r/freeipa/freeipa-server/tags.

OTOH, there are recent builds of fedora-25, fedora-26, and fedora-27, which seem a bit unnecessary.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. docker pull freeipa/freeipa-server:fedora-30

Actual behavior

manifest for docker.io/freeipa/freeipa-server:fedora-30 not found

Expected behavior

Status: Downloaded newer image for docker.io/freeipa/freeipa-server:fedora-30



I propose to wait until 4.8.0 final is out and pushed to F30.

What's the point of waiting? The Fedora 30-based setup seems to work now (https://travis-ci.org/freeipa/freeipa-container) and not having the image built prevents further testing for example under OpenShift.

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