#7938 'ipa dnszone-show/find' should display "Dynamic Update" and "Bind update policy" by default
Opened 4 months ago by fcami. Modified 2 months ago

Request for enhancement

As admin I'd like "Dynamic Update" and "Bind update policy" to be displayed by default when 'ipa dnszone-show/find' are called. Subzones created post-install get Dynamic Updates disabled by default and this is hard to troubleshoot unless by using --all.

Related to: https://pagure.io/freeipa/issue/3478

"the biggest source of mistake is that both dynamic update switch and dynamic update policy is hidden by default."
"improving bind-dyndb-ldap logging and just pushing ACL / DISABLED / to BIND or something similar to prevent confusion in BIND logs" (would go a long way towards being able to diagnose the issue faster)

Metadata Update from @pcech:
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2 months ago

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