#7925 ipaplatform: services are not named consistently
Opened a year ago by fcami. Modified a year ago

The 'wellknownservices' service list in ipaplatform/base/services.py used to deliberately replace hyphens in service names with underscores. For instance ods_enforcerd.
The real, system names are then set in platform-specific modules, for instance redhat/services.py does:

redhat_system_units['ods-enforcerd'] = 'ods-enforcerd.service'
redhat_system_units['ods_enforcerd'] = redhat_system_units['ods-enforcerd']

This looks unnecessary and a bit confusing and fixing that would be nice.
Adding all missing services (like ipa-ods-exporter.socket) as well.

Metadata Update from @pcech:
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a year ago

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