#7848 Login WebUI fails because /var/log is 100% full
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Request for enhancement

I was asked to file a bug for the following issue.


Login WebUI fails because /var/log is 100% full.
This is not a password authentication issue because I can switch to user "admin"
in console.

When I enter 'kinit list' as root I get this response:
kinit: general error (see e-text) for Initial credentials will be fetched.

The same error is shown for 'kinit admin'.

I checked the log files for errors but didn't detect anything.
Then I verified if any service was failing, but everything was running.

After this I tried to restart ipa.service and this failed with an error message that
pointed to /var/log. I must admit that I cannot recall the error message in detail, but it
was saying something like "cannot write...".

Further investigation showed that file /var/log/dirsrv/slapd-BISZUMBITTERENEN-DE/errors
was very large.
After ensuring that related service is not running I compressed this file and restarted
the service.
After this I could start ipa.service and everything is working again.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. allocate 100% of available disk space in /var/log
  2. logon in WebUI

Actual behavior

Login not possible

Expected behavior

Meaningful error message pointing to the root cause.

Isn't monitoring of host resources proper notifying about it a job for a different tool? E.g. Zabbix?

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