#7805 [NFS] test kerberized NFS
Closed: fixed 4 months ago by fcami. Opened 8 months ago by fcami.

Request for enhancement

As a FreeIPA developer, I would like to have an integration test for kerberized NFS so that client configuration and automount features can be verified.


The way to configure NFS has changed a lot from Fedora 12 to now. For instance:

  • the move to systemd
  • the move from systemd units to systemd static units and targets
  • the change from sysconfig/nfs to nfs.conf

We need to detect these changes and adapt to them, and we need to make sure any change to our client configuration code is tested.
There is no need to run this test on every PR, a nightly run should be enough.

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  • d7602f3 ipatests: add a test for ipa-client-automount
  • 58637ba ipatests: add nfs tests

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