#7582 'fedora-domainname' service renamed to 'nis-domainname' in Fedora Rawhide, breaks client deployment
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In today's Fedora Rawhide compose, FreeIPA server deployment broke. The logs make it fairly clear why - it broke during client deployment with this error:

2018-06-06T14:54:35Z DEBUG The ipa-client-install command failed, exception: CalledProcessError: CalledProcessError(Command ['/bin/systemctl', 'restart', 'fedora-domainname.service'] returned non-zero exit status 5: 'Failed to restart fedora-domainname.service: Unit fedora-domainname.service not found.\n')

The reason that service wasn't found is that it got renamed, from fedora-domainname to nis-domainname . It was then subsequently moved from the initscripts package to the hostname package, but that shouldn't matter as initscripts depends on hostname. But ipaplatform/fedora/services.py obviously needs updating somehow to cover that the service is likely to stay fedora-domainname on Fedora 28 and earlier, but will be nis-domainname on F29+.


Sorry guys for the complications. We needed to make the change finally, so we wouldn't have to rename the fedora-* services for the downstream in the future again and again. Once this change is complete, there shouldn't be any need to renaming of services for new releases of RHEL, CentOS, whatever. :)

For that change I have created a PR for fedora-release to take this into account, but I'm unsure how much will that help you (https://pagure.io/fedora-release/pull-request/142). The PR has been merged IIRC, but it seems to be unreachable ATM.

There's also BZ for it for Rawhide:

The change to hostname should be already merged in dist-git, but the new package hasn't been built yet. Putting @landgraf into CC.

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This change is actually good for us. Eventually we can remove a lot of Fedora-specific hacks and consolidate Fedora and RHEL platform specification.

I created https://github.com/freeipa/freeipa/pull/2014 to fix Fedora 29 and rawhide.

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PR 2014 changes the handling of domainname service:

  • The generic redhat service definition (parent of rhel and fedora platform definitions) now definesnis-domainname.service`` as default name for the domain name service.
  • The fedora service definition overrides the name as fedora-domainname.service if and only if it detects the presence of the file /usr/lib/systemd/system/fedora-domainname.service. The check will be removed when we drop support for F28.


  • 907e164 Fedora 29 renamed fedora-domainname.service

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