#7553 Create kadm5.acl if it doesn't exist
Closed: fixed 2 years ago Opened 2 years ago by tjaalton.

Debian doesn't ship kadm5.acl by default, which results in kadmin not starting up after the server is set up. ipa-server-install should check if it doesn't exist, and create if not with the correct permissions.


  • 0030118 Create kadm5.acl if it doesn't exist
  • 7a27651 constants: Fix HTTPD_GROUP for Debian
  • a3a3d6d paths: Fix some path definitions for Debian.
  • 86ef31d Add mkhomedir support for Debian
  • c5ee8ae named.conf: Disable duplicate zone on debian, and modify data dir
  • ffdb20a ldapupdate: Add support for Debian multiarch
  • 8c0d7bb Fix HTTPD SSL configuration for Debian.
  • f47d86c Move config directives handling code

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2 years ago

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