#6909 [ui] Cannot remove single URI record
Opened 5 years ago by cheimes. Modified 5 years ago

For Kerberos URI discovery we are going to introduce a bunch of URI records for _kerberos.REALM. The DNS RR user interface does not allow the user to remove a single record for a prefix. There is only one check box for all _kerberos entries (TXT and URI). It should be possible to select a single entry and remove it. Bonus points if we also allow the user to edit priority and weight of a DNS URI record.

See #6906

Can you elaborate more? In webUI, I can add/remove particular records, even I can edit priority and weight.

Open DNS zones --> click on ipa.domain --> click on the _kerberos record --> find uri records --> click on edit --> do what you need ---> save

Open DNS zones --> click on ipa.domain

It's a confusing UI. It did not occur to me that I can enter _kerberos. The one check box for all _kerberos entries make me believe that I cannot remove a single URI entry.

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