#6699 Deprecate return value 3 in ipa-replica-install
Opened 7 years ago by stlaz. Modified 5 years ago

The return value 3 of ipa-replica-install is documented as

3 if the host exists in the IPA server or a replication agreement to the
remote master already exists

While this explanation is not good (should say "if the host with this hostname" and "the remote server has a replication agreement to this server"), it's also not entirely true.
If you look for "rval=3" in ipa-replica-install, you will find that there are many additional scenarios where ipa-replica-install fails with return value 3. This means that it's been broken for some time.
I propose deprecating return value 3. ipa-replica-install is a complex installer, if it fails, one usually has to look in the log to see what the actual problem was. Therefore we can do with just two return values, one for success, one for failure.

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7 years ago

triage notes:

  • mbasti: People on mailing list are demanding to have a return code "already installed", instead of removing we should maybe add a new one (and create central register (file) for return codes)
  • mbabinsk: +1
  • H: the return code for "already installed" should be 0, because idempotency (?)
  • Idempotent installers (DNS only AFAIK) already returns 0, so we should have different ecode for not-idempotent
  • mbabinsk: not that easy in this case because AFAIK you return 3 when the host entry exists which may be a leftover from failed enrollment
  • devmtg: next release, maybe see if ansible solves users issues and just drop this ticket

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7 years ago

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5 years ago

FreeIPA 4.7 has been released, moving to FreeIPA 4.7.1 milestone

The problem is that when these other errors were added they simply co-opted the failure reason for "agreement already exists". They are rather generic failures so should simply be changed to 1.

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5 years ago

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