#6672 [RFE] failed ipa-server-certinstall should be able to roll back to a working PKI setup
Opened 3 years ago by mbabinsk. Modified 3 years ago

This ticket was inspired by an IRC conversation with user 'rizonz' on #freeipa IRC channel.

His replacement of IPA CA issued HTTPD server cert by a 3rd party one failed in later stages of the operation, leaving the IPA master in broken state: the new certificate chain was not imported to NSS DB due to error, but the old Server-Cert was already deleted. A manual intervention was required to restore the functionality.

ipa-server-certinstall should be able to roll-back to a working PKI if the later steps of certificate replacement fail for whathever reason. This would improve user experience as the respective service would remain working also after a failed operation.

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3 years ago

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