#6627 WebUI: Enable pagination
Closed: fixed 6 months ago by stsymbal. Opened 2 years ago by pvomacka.

The pagination in current state is not very useful because:[[BR]]
1) When there are lot of users (let's say 2000) nobody will click through all pages and rather use search box[[BR]]
2) Current implementation of pagination ignores Search size limit (ipasearchresultslimit in server configuration)

Disable pagination and respect the Search size limit. For higher number of item than set 'Search size limit' user probably rather use Search box.

I'm in favor of disabling the pagination and simply respecting the configured size limit. However, this will trigger a pop-up warning every time the user accesses a page where this size limit is exceeded. This could be very annoying from the user's perspective.

Therefore I think this change would also require modifications to properly handle the 'Size limit exceeded' warning message. Instead of a pop-up displayed at the top of the page, the message could be displayed at the bottom of the truncated results in a non-intrusive way. Also, I'd drop the message's error-level to info, down from warning.

Would it be better to check with UXD and see if there is a way to have an obvious color/icon kind of indicator that there are more results and it is just a subset? Text message at the bottom might not be the best user experience on smaller screens like pads and phones.

It is good idea to check that with UXD and see what is best way to solve it. Will do that.

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According to discussion with UX designer we should keep pagination and make WebUI consistent. Therefore we should turn on pagination on all search/table facets and do not use not paginated tables at all.

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