#6473 [py3] Fix errors reported by pylint 2.0
Closed: duplicate 4 years ago Opened 5 years ago by mbasti.

Pylint 2.0.0 improves old checks and brings up new checkers which found some erros in IPA code.

New Py3 compatibility checkers:

  • exception-message-attribute (Exception.message removed in Python 3)
  • eq-without-hash

New useful checkers:

  • overlapping-except
  • useless-super-delegation (performance)
  • redefined-argument-from-local (error prone code)
  • consider-merging-isinstance (readability)
  • literal-comparison (error prone)

And also it provides quite a lot false positive reports, but usually in parts hard to read even for human.


  • 29947fe Minor fixes for IPAVersion class

mass moving python3 tickets to FreeIPA 4.6 which should be smaller release targeted mainly on python3 porting.

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5 years ago

Duplicate of https://pagure.io/freeipa/issue/6874. Py 2.0 was actually released as 1.7

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4 years ago

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