#6265 test catches 2 non-merged one-way segments instead of one merged
Closed: Fixed None Opened 7 years ago by ofayans.

In the test_replica_promotion.TestReplicaPromotionLevel0.test_backup_restore
the topologysegment-find ipa call is executed right after domain level is raised. As a result of race conditions sometimes the test catches two non-merged one-way segments instead of one bidirectional. Some delay between raising the domain level and searching for topology segments might help.

The example of the output is below:

2 segments matched
  Segment name: f24master.pesen.net-to-f24replica1.pesen.net
  Left node: f24master.pesen.net
  Right node: f24replica1.pesen.net
  Connectivity: left-right

  Segment name: f24replica1.pesen.net-to-f24master.pesen.net
  Left node: f24replica1.pesen.net
  Right node: f24master.pesen.net
  Connectivity: left-right
Number of entries returned 2


  • 9dffe55 Added a sleep interval after domainlevel raise in tests

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7 years ago

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