#6250 Replica uninstallation does not remove the topology segment on master
Opened 4 years ago by ofayans. Modified a year ago

When I uninstall replica with the common {{{ipa-server-install --uninstall}}}, the corresponding topology segment stays on master and other replicas. When I afterwards run ipa-replica-manage-del on master, it says:

<replica_hostname>: server not found

Which means that the server-dell call is executed during replica uninstallation, but the replication agreement is not removed.[[BR]]

It turns out that the only way to correctly remove replica from topology is to run ipa-replica-manage-del.

I tried this in a simple [master] <-> [replica] topology with replica deletion (tried both CA and CA-less replicas) but was unable to reproduce it so that the given topology segment would stay in the database. Obviously ipa-replica-manage del would then fail for me.

Oleg, if ipa-replica-manage-del helps then it most-likely means that deletion of master entry was not replicated.

If it is the case then it is not a bug in topology plugin as I originally thought.

But the debug log indicates that there are issues with replication which might have caused it.

I fail to understand why, after a host is deleted, the segments with that host are still present in the share tree.

vm-058-213 (this one)

At 24/Aug/2016:09:10:44 vm-058-213 processed Deletion of host vm-058-210[replicaID=5].
During this deletion, topology plugins should
- remove segments vm-058-213<-->vm-058-210 (status=REMOVED, state=OBSOLETE) --> delete RA vm-058-213-->vm-058-210.
- delete the host from managed hosts
- cleanruv

There are logs showing deletion of RA (and also cleanRUV)

[24/Aug/2016:09:10:44.831553268 +0200] ipa-topology-plugin - ipa_topo_agmt_del: cn=meTovm-058-210.abc.idm.lab.eng.brq.redhat.com

So that means the Segment DEL occurred successfully.
The only reason I can think of is that the segment was somehow recreated (resurrect looks impossible as segment is a leaf).

Do you know if it exists steps to reproduce ?
Is it possible to collect other errors/access logs on all the hosts ?

I was able to reproduce this too, ipa-server-install --uninstall in sometimes fail to replicate changes. This is a bug in server-del implementation. However server-del/ipa-replica-manage del should be used before ipa-server-install --uninstall

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