#6181 [RFE] Add option to ipa-server-install, ipa-replica-install, and ipa-client-install to just parse and dump the options
Opened 2 years ago by adelton. Modified 6 months ago

In containerized environments where some setups are needed when starting the container, it might be useful to be able to reliably parse arguments of commands being run, like {{{ipa-server-install}}}, {{{ipa-replica-install}}}, or {{{ipa-client-install}}} (and others) and get information about what options were passed in.

For example -- was domain name set with {{{--domain}}}, with space or with {{{=}}} sign, or with {{{-n}}}?

Ideally, the same command and its parser should be able to run in some dryrun mode, parsing the parameters, dumping what parameters were found, without running the actual actions.

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2 years ago

I don't understand the reasoning for this, can you expand on the use case?

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6 months ago

I guess we no longer try to make any sense of the parameters in freeipa-container and just pass them to the appropriate command. So this issue can be closed.

I just don't understand what parameters you need to make sense of. What you expect to be output, and how? Is this useful beyond containers? What about 2-steps installers?

For example, we needed things like value of --hostname, if it was passed in a long list of command line parameters to ipa-server-install. Because if ipa-server-install is told to assume / set hostname, in container it might be needed to be known beforehand to make some settings for that.

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