#6002 Default CA can be used without an ACL
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The default CA (cn=ipa,cn=cas,cn=ca,dc=...) can issue certificates even when it is not enabled by any of the CA ACLs. The ACL for the default certificate profile that is shipped with IPA does not have either the CA member or ca category option, but the CA is usable.

Any other (sub) CA doesn't work unless it satisfies an ACL.

$ ipa caacl-show hosts_services_caIPAserviceCert --all
  dn: ipaUniqueID=1a63e5e0-39e5-11e6-8885-525400093b00,cn=caacls,cn=ca,dc=test,dc=example,dc=com
  ACL name: hosts_services_caIPAserviceCert
  Enabled: TRUE
  Host category: all
  Service category: all
  Profiles: caIPAserviceCert
  ipauniqueid: 1a63e5e0-39e5-11e6-8885-525400093b00
  objectclass: ipaassociation, ipacaacl

This is expected behaviour; if a CA ACL does not reference any CAs,
and does not have cacat=all, then it is assumed to refer to the
default CA. This is for backwards compatibility with existing
CA ACLs, which do not reference any CAs but did (and still do)
allow access to IPA CA.

Leaving open for discussion about whether to break compatibility
for a more consistent behaviour.


  • 8cd87d1 caacl: expand plugin documentation

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- Issue set to the milestone: FreeIPA 4.4.1

6 years ago

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