#5850 USBGuard integration
Opened 3 years ago by dkopecek. Modified 2 years ago

Hello, in the future I'd like to integrate the USBGuard project with FreeIPA, so I'm creating this ticket to track and discuss the FreeIPA side of the integration effort.

As of now, I don't have any specific technical details to share. Ideally, I would like to follow the same model that is used in sudo+FreeIPA/SSSD integration because USBGuard and sudo have some conceptual similarities.

The USBGuard ticket for this is: https://github.com/dkopecek/usbguard/issues/38

For now it seems that it should be something developed as a separate plugin, not a part of core ipa. Therefore moving to plugins milestone. We can revisit it later when more technical details are available.

Metadata Update from @dkopecek:
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2 years ago

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