#5817 host-mod --updatedns option is handled poorly
Opened 4 years ago by mbasti. Modified 3 years ago

when IPA dns is not installed and option --updatedns is used, command should return warning (or error? -- be careful with backward compatibility)

when proper DNS zone does not exist, 'host not found' error is raise instead of dnszone nto found

dnszone-show does not guarantee that record exists, this check should be replaced by dnsrecord-show (that handles the case when zone does not exist)

--updatedns help should explicitly describe that only sshfp record are updated.

This ticket is out of scope of 4.4.0 release. Moving to 4.4.1. Note that 4.4.1 needs to be triaged, therefore not everything will be implemented.

moving out tickets not implemented in 4.4.1

4.4.2 is a stabilization milestone. If this bug is important stabilization bug then please put it to NEEDS TRIAGE milestone for retriage.

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3 years ago

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3 years ago

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