#5783 permission plugin tests fail on 4.3 branch
Closed: Fixed None Opened 6 years ago by mbabinsk.

some of the {{{test_permission_plugin/test_old_permission_plugin}}} tests fail on FreeIPA 4.3.1 with the following assertion error:

E               AssertionError: assert_deepequal: dict keys mismatch.
E                 0018: permission_find: Search for u'testperm' with a limit of 1 (truncated)
E                 missing keys = ['messages']
E                 extra keys = []
E                 expected = {'count': 1, 'summary': u'1 permission matched', 'messages': ({'message': u'Search result has been truncated to configured search limit.', 'code': 13017, 'type': u'warning', 'name': 
u'SearchResultTruncated'},), 'result': [{'dn': ipapython.dn.DN('cn=testperm,cn=permissions,cn=pbac,dc=ipa,dc=test'), 'ipapermright': [u'write'], 'ipapermbindruletype': [u'permission'], 'ipapermissiontype': [u'SY
STEM', u'V2'], 'cn': [u'testperm'], 'objectclass': [u'groupofnames', u'ipapermission', u'top', u'ipapermissionv2'], 'member_privilege': [u'testpriv1'], 'ipapermlocation': [ipapython.dn.DN('cn=users,cn=accounts,d
c=ipa,dc=test')], 'type': [u'user'], 'attrs': [u'sn']}], 'truncated': True}
E                 got = {u'count': 1, u'summary': u'1 permission matched', u'result': ({u'dn': u'cn=testperm,cn=permissions,cn=pbac,dc=ipa,dc=test', u'ipapermright': (u'write',), u'ipapermbindruletype': (u'permi
ssion',), u'ipapermissiontype': (u'V2', u'SYSTEM'), u'cn': (u'testperm',), u'objectclass': (u'ipapermission', u'top', u'groupofnames', u'ipapermissionv2'), u'member_privilege': (u'testpriv1',), u'attrs': (u'sn',
), u'ipapermlocation': (u'cn=users,cn=accounts,dc=ipa,dc=test',), u'type': (u'user',)},), u'truncated': True}
E                 path = ()

These failure are caused by commit b32c9d6 which amended failing tests after #4022 was closed. However, the patch for #4022 was pushed to master only, while commit b32c9d6 was pushed to both master and 4-3 branches.

We would need either to revert this change in 4-3 or backport #4022.

mtg: revert test patch in 4.3.2


  • 7c5e229 Revert "ipatests: extend permission plugin test with new expected output"

Metadata Update from @mbabinsk:
- Issue assigned to mbasti
- Issue set to the milestone: FreeIPA 4.3.2

5 years ago

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