#5742 [RFE] [webui] Configurable page size / User config page
Closed: fixed 2 years ago Opened 3 years ago by pvoborni.

Pages(facets) which contain a table with paging should have configurable page size. Now it is limited to 20 (hardcoded).

Web UI should get new facet, a config page with user configuration.


  • IPA doesn't support saving per-user UI config on a server. Therefore the config needs to be saved to a browser(e.g. localStorage). When server saving is configured is implemented then it can be changed (would be useful also for topology graph).

We should create a more generic ticket or group of tickets for user preferences feature.
For example as we integrate with desktop some of of the user preferences for the session can be set there. There will be section for the web UI preferences. Potentially for CLI. I suspect there might also be some preferences related to IdP integration (Keycloak), maybe something else.
While each of these sections would probably have different place in the UI the underlying mechanism i.e. schema and management plugins can be more generic and reused. We can start small focusing on the Web UI preferences only but keep in mind a bigger picture.

This ticket is out of scope of 4.4.0 release. Moving to 4.4.1. Note that 4.4.1 needs to be triaged, therefore not everything will be implemented.

Moving to next major version. Fixing this bug is not critical in stabilization release.

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2 years ago

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  • 7b69910 Add javascript integer validator
  • f78cc89 Make singleton from config module
  • e1dfc51 Add support for custom table pagination size

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