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#5432 Issue New Certificate dialogs do not validate data

Created 2 years ago by ftweedal
Modified 2 years ago

The "Issue New Certificate" dialogs allow the user to submit the form
with invalid data, e.g.: no principal entered, no profile selected, missing
or invalid CSR data, which inevitably fails.

The form should validate that required values are present and that the
CSR data resembles a PEM-encoded PKCS #10 object before allow the user
to submit the form.


  • fb3b7f7 Add validation to Issue new certificate dialog

Note: validation only checks presence of data. It does not check correctness of CSR.

2 years ago

Metadata Update from @ftweedal:
- Issue assigned to pvomacka
- Issue set to the milestone: FreeIPA 4.4

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